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Write a function in Python that mutates a tree t so that it is "reflected" over its center.

def reflect(t):
    >>> tree = Tree(3, [Tree(4, [Tree(5), Tree(6)]), Tree(7)])
    >>> reflect(tree)
    >>> tree
    Tree(3, [Tree(7, [Tree(6), Tree(5)]), Tree(4)])

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Here's a visual representation of the doctest:

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def reflect(t):
    t.children = t.children[::-1]
    for child in t.children:

For this problem, we're mutating t, which is why we directly modify t.children rather than constructing and returning a new tree. In this case, we set the list t.children to a copy of t.children that is reversed (which is what the [::-1] means).

After that, we want to iterate through each of t's children and recursively call reflect on them to work our way down the tree.

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